Injuries in the workplace have become increasingly common in the US. Every year, employees report around 2.8 million injuries that occur at the workplace. Even more devastating, about 5,300 people die because of work-related accidents.

The injuries often occur because of certain reasons, which include:

Unsafe Work Conditions: Sometimes, the place where people work isn’t safe. This could be because there are dangerous materials around or the environment itself is risky.

Faulty Equipment: If the tools or machinery people use at work aren’t working properly, accidents may happen.

Demanding Tasks: Some jobs require people to do hard or repetitive tasks, like lifting heavy things. Doing these tasks over and over again can lead to injuries.

While some jobs, such as construction work, have a higher chance of accidents, any job can have its risks.

When someone experiences injuries in the workplace, it can be hard for them and their family. That’s why it’s important to have a good workplace injury lawyer who can help make things right and get the exact compensation needed.

Workplace Injury Lawyer And Workers’Comp

Worker’s compensation, often referred to as “workers’ comp,” is akin to insurance that can be claimed through legal means. This insurance assists in situations such as injuries sustained due to your job. If an incident occurs at work, workers’ comp can offer financial support to:

  • Pay for your medical bills, including doctor visits and medications.
  • Cover your regular expenses, such as rent and groceries.
  • Compensate for lost wages.

If you have suffered an injury or injuries in the workplace, you might be eligible for additional support from NYC workplace injury lawyers who specialize in workplace injuries. They can offer advice and support, with some even providing free consultations to determine if they can assist you and your family.

Examples of Workplace Injuries

Sometimes, the injuries in the workplace can have a massive effect on the victim and the victim’s family. It can make the everyday routine a hassle, causing big problems, or even stopping them from being able to work at all. Sometimes, these injuries can be so severe that they lead to death.

Examples of Workplace Injuries

Sometimes, workplace injuries can have a massive effect on the victim and the victim’s family. They can make everyday routines a hassle, causing significant problems, or even preventing them from working at all. Sometimes, these injuries can be so severe that they lead to death.

Here are some common examples of workplace injuries:

  1. Falls, Slips, and Trips: When someone falls, slips on something, or trips over something at work.
  2. Broken Bones or Lacerations: When someone’s bones break or they sustain cuts from sharp objects at the workplace.
  3. Equipment Injuries: Getting injured by tools or machinery used at work.
  4. Overexertion: When a worker puts too much strain on themselves, such as lifting heavy weights.
  5. Back Injuries: When someone hurts their back, often from lifting heavy objects incorrectly.
  6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS): A condition where someone’s hands and wrists are injured because of repetitive movements, like constant typing on a computer.
  7. Transportation/Car Accidents: When someone is involved in a car accident while working, for example, delivery drivers or truck drivers.
  8. Electrocution: When a person gets shocked by electricity, often in jobs where they work with wires or machines.
  9. Falling Objects: When objects fall and hit someone, like heavy boxes falling off shelves.
  10. Chemical Poisoning: When someone gets sick from breathing in or touching harmful chemicals at work.

However, this list doesn’t cover every possible workplace injury. If you or someone you know has been injured at work, it’s essential to get legal advice to understand what options you have. You can reach out to NYC work injury lawyers for a free review of your case as well. They can help you figure out what to do next.

Types of Workplace Injury Cases:

In the workplace, accidents and injuries can happen in various ways. Here are some common types of workplace injury cases that workplace injury lawyers can help with:

  1. Workplace Accidents

Certain jobs involve more risks than others, leading to workplace accidents. Some common occupations where accidents occur include:

  • Construction workers: Builders and contractors working at construction sites.
  • Miners: Those working in mines to extract minerals.
  • Factory workers: Employees working in manufacturing plants.
  • Railroad employees: Workers involved in railway operations.

When employees get injured in workplace accidents, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of who is at fault. Employers must provide workers’ compensation for work-related injuries. These can cover medical expenses and a portion of the employee’s pay while they’re unable to work.

2. Chemical Exposure

Some workplaces expose employees to hazardous materials that can harm their health. The employer must protect workers from such substances and maintain a safe work environment. Chemical exposure injuries can occur in various places:

  • Manufacturing facilities: Where dangerous chemicals are produced or used.
  • Mining operations: Involving the extraction of minerals from the earth.
  • Offices: Due to leaks, cleaning chemicals, or improper ventilation.

Exposure to harmful chemicals like asbestos, lead, or solvents can lead to serious health issues, including:

  • Cancers: Abnormal growths in the body.
  • Burns: Skin injuries caused by contact with hazardous substances.
  • Rashes: Skin irritation or inflammation.
  • Nerve damage: Injury to the nerves, affecting sensation and movement.
  • Neurological illnesses: Conditions affecting the brain and nervous system, such as brain damage.

Employees who suffer from chemical exposure injuries may be eligible for compensation to cover medical treatment and other related expenses. Employers need to take measures to prevent chemical exposure and ensure occupational safety.

What to Do If You’re Injured at Work

If you get injured while working, it’s important to follow specific steps to protect yourself legally and get the compensation you deserve.

Report Injury Immediately

As soon as the accident happens, make sure to fill out an accident report right away. This is necessary because, in most states, there’s a short deadline for reporting accidents. Even if you don’t feel injured at first, it’s essential to file a report. It saves you in case injuries show up later or worsen after the accident.

Report Your Injury Promptly

If you start feeling any pain or notice symptoms of an injury after the accident, inform your employer right away. Write down what happened and when, so you have proof later on. Keeping records of the incident and your symptoms is important for your case.

Seek Medical Help

If your injury is serious, it’s important to see a doctor immediately. Even if it doesn’t seem severe, your employer might ask you to visit a doctor or hospital for a check-up. Doctors know what to look for in work-related injuries, which you or your coworkers might not be aware of. Your health and safety should always come first.

Talk to a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Before filing a workers’ compensation claim, it’s good to consult with personal NYC work injury lawyers. These workers’ compensation lawyers are experienced in handling these cases and can guide you on the best legal steps to take. If you’ve suffered injuries in the workplace, you can even get a free legal review to see if you have a personal injury case by filling out a form.

Work-Related Injury Claims

When you sustain injuries in the workplace, there are steps you can take to obtain help and compensation for your injuries. Here’s how it works:

  1. Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you’re injured while working, your employer will provide benefits through workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a way to protect your employer from being sued by you for your injuries. It’s a safety measure for both you and your employer.

  1. When Can You Sue Your Employer?

There are situations where you might be able to sue your employer instead of solely relying on workers’ compensation. These include:

  • If your employer intentionally harms you on purpose. This means they intended to cause you harm, not just accidentally.
  • If your employer fails to provide you with workers’ compensation benefits when they were supposed to, or if they didn’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries.
  • If someone else, such as a coworker, causes your injury while you’re working.

3. Proving Your Case

If you want to sue your employer for your injuries in the workplace, you’ll need to prove that they did something wrong. This could mean showing that they knew about a dangerous situation at work but didn’t take any action to fix it. Or provide that someone else’s carelessness caused your injury.

To do this, you’ll need a good workplace injury lawyer who knows about work-related injuries. They can help gather evidence and build a case to demonstrate that your employer was at fault.

4. Demonstrating Damages

When you’re claiming a work-related injury, you need to show what kind of harm you suffered because of it. This can include:

  • The physical injuries you suffered
  • The money you lost because you couldn’t work
  • The medical costs you had to pay for treatment

5. Getting Legal Help from a Workplace Injury Lawyer

Proving that your employer intentionally hurt you or was negligent can be tough on your own. That’s why it’s important to have a qualified workplace injury lawyer who knows of injuries in the workplace.

If you’re unsure about whether you have a case against your employer, you can contact a law firm for help. They can listen to your situation and tell you if they think they can provide the compensation you deserve.

Finding the Right Workplace Injury Lawyer

Finding the right workplace injury attorneys for your work-related injury case requires some effort. Here are some ways to go about it:


Ask colleagues, friends, or family if they know a good workplace injury lawyer. You can also reach out to any attorney you’ve worked with in the past. They might be able to recommend someone suitable.

Internet Research:

The internet can be a useful tool for finding workplace injury lawyers in your area. You can also read reviews and testimonials from past clients to know their reputation and success rate.

What to Look For:

When finding the best workplace injury lawyers, consider the following:

  • Experience and Expertise: Look for a lawyer who has experience handling cases similar to yours and a proven track record of success.
  • Free Consultations: Many workplace injury lawyers offer free consultations where you can discuss your case and ask questions. Take advantage of these to get to know the NYC work injury lawyers and their team.
  • Communication: Ensure that the lawyer communicates openly. You should feel comfortable reaching out to them with questions or concerns.
  • Personality: Choose a lawyer whose personality blends well with yours. Feeling comfortable and understood by your lawyer is important.

Trust Your Instincts:

Trust your instincts when choosing a workplace injury lawyer. It’s essential to select someone who has the right qualifications and also makes you feel confident throughout the legal process.

Best NYC Work Injury Lawyers You Can Reach Out To

These are some of the best workplace injury and personal injury lawyers you can count on:

Frank A. Cetero

Frank A. Cetero, Esq., is a highly experienced lawyer who focuses on assisting individuals with workplace injuries and disabilities. He has more than 20 years of experience in this field and excels at it. Within his law firm, he is renowned for providing exceptional care to his clients. Mr. Cetero hails from Long Island and prioritizes building strong relationships with those he assists. He attended Michigan State University for law school, where he performed exceptionally well. Additionally, he possesses extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law.

Mr. Cetero handles various cases involving workplace injuries or negligence by employers. These encompass accidents on construction sites, car collisions, and even incidents like dog bites. Furthermore, he is an authority in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cases, aiding individuals who are unable to work due to a disability in obtaining compensation.

Joseph Scalia 

Joseph Scalia is another attorney at Frank A. Cetero’s law firm, specializing in personal injury law. With extensive experience in the field, particularly in handling workers’ compensation claims, Scalia has been practicing law for a significant period.

Hailing from Long Island, he pursued his legal education at Villanova. Scalia shows his expertise in personal injury and real estate matters. He also assists clients with wills and estates.

Throughout his career, Mr. Scalia has made notable contributions. He has conducted training sessions for other attorneys on personal injury litigation and has played a role in shaping legal precedents through his advocacy in higher courts.

Rachel M. Nelsen

Rachel M. Nelsen specializes in helping people with injuries in the workplace and personal injury claims. She’s been doing this for years now. She went to law school in New York and has been practicing law since 2004. She’s especially good at dealing with Medicare Set-Asides, which are a special kind of insurance for injured workers.

Rachel cares a lot about her clients and works hard to build trust with them. She’s very committed to her community and always tries to help those in need. With her expertise and dedication, she’s helped many people get the medical treatment and money they need after getting injured at work.

Rebecca Fortney

Rebecca Fortney is a lawyer at Frank A. Cetero’s law firm who possesses considerable knowledge about insurance due to her prior work as a claims adjuster. This grants her a unique perspective when handling legal cases. She is adept at devising strategies to assist her clients, particularly in personal injury cases and commercial services.

Rebecca graduated from a renowned law school and frequently educates other lawyers and insurance professionals on various legal topics. She devotes herself to providing her clients with the best possible representation and ensuring they receive the assistance they need. With her expertise and experience, she is a valuable asset to the law firm.

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