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At the Law Office of Frank A. Cetero, our Hauppauge personal injury attorneys are committed to helping you achieve successful outcomes for yourself and your family. With a devotion to personalized legal representation, our legal team is ready to put forward the time and resources to handle your case properly. If you have any questions about your rights or your options, we are here as a professional resource. Contact us today for a free consultation with a top Hauppauge attorney.

We Handle Personal Injury Claims, Workers’ Comp Claims, and SSD claims in Hauppauge, NY

At The Law Office of Frank A. Cetero we are a law firm committed to protecting the rights and interests of the people who need help the most. We are proud to serve clients in Hauppauge and throughout the surrounding region in Islip and Smithtown. Some notable examples of cases that our Hauppauge attorneys have extensive experience handling include:

  • Motor Vehicle CollisionsWe handle all types of traffic accident claims in Hauppauge, including car crashes, semi-truck accidents, and motorcycle collisions. With a comprehensive understanding of New York’s no-fault auto insurance laws, we know how to hold insurance companies accountable. Contact our Hauppauge, NY, car accident attorney today for a free consultation.
  • Pedestrian InjuriesPedestrians face a significant safety hazard from traffic. Unfortunately, when pedestrian collisions happen, the consequences can be catastrophic. Many pedestrian crashes result in severe injuries and even fatalities. We fight hard for the rights of injured pedestrians in Hauppauge. Get help from our pedestrian accident lawyer today.
  • Construction Site AccidentsA construction site can be an incredibly hazardous place if the proper safety precautions are not taken by employers, property owners, and other companies. Notably, New York State has some of the most strict construction site laws in the entire country. Violators can be held accountable for accidents caused by the failure to take legally required safety precautions. Our firm takes on all types of construction accident cases. We are here to help.
  • Workers’ Compensation ClaimsInjured on the job in New York? Employers are required to provide no-fault workers’ comp coverage to their staff, including part-time employees. Unfortunately, some people struggle to get access to the full and fair workers’ comp benefits that they deserve. We have extensive experience with workers’ comp claims and workers’ comp appeals. Contact our Hauppauge workers’ comp lawyer for a free consultation.
  • Slip and Fall AccidentsProperty owners and property occupiers (businesses) in New York have a duty to ensure their premises are in proper condition. The at-fault party can be held legally liable for a slip and fall. Injured in a slip and fall in Hauppauge? Contact our New York premises liability attorney today.
  • Social Security Disability ClaimsSocial Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal programs that provide financial support to qualifying individuals with disabilities. We help people navigate all aspects of the Social Security claims process—including appeals. Contact our Hauppauge Social Security disability lawyer for a free, no-obligation consultation.
Our Process

We meticulously strategize every detail to ensure effective advocacy and solutions.

We seamlessly move into proactive execution, leveraging our strategy to advocate fiercely for your rights and interests.

We proceed with filing your case in court, where we advocate vigorously for your rights and pursue justice on your behalf.

Our Firm Helps Clients Maximize Their Financial Recovery in Hauppauge

If you were injured in n accident, you need access to the greatest amount of financial compensation. In a personal injury claim in New York State, injured victims may be able to recover damages for economic and non-economic damages. Our Hauppauge, NY, personal injury lawyer goes the distance to help clients maximize their compensation, including for:

  • Property losses.
  • Ambulance fees.
  • Emergency room care.
  • Hospital bills.
  • Health care costs.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Lost wages.
  • Diminished earnings.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Long-term disability.
  • Permanent disfigurement and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.

Note: The compensation that can be recovered through a workers’ compensation claim or a Social Security claim will differ based on many different case-specific factors. Regardless of your situation, our Hauppauge, NY, attorney is ready to help you maximize your financial support.

Why Work With Hauppauge Personal Injury Lawyer Frank A. Cetero

Founded by Frank A. Cetero, an attorney with more than two decades of experience helping the injured, the disabled, and their families secure the maximum compensation, our law firm knows how to get results for our clients. When you reach out to our Long Island law firm, you will have a chance to work with a Hauppauge attorney who is ready to:

  • Hear what you have to say and answer key legal questions;
  • Investigate your case—ensuring you have the documentation needed to proceed;
  • Guide you through any legal paperwork or insurance claims paperwork;
  • Represent you in settlement negotiations with defendant/insurance providers; and
  • Take whatever legal action is warranted to help you achieve the best outcome.

Other Legal Cases We Provide in Hauppauge, New York

Beyond personal injury claims, our firm also provides other legal services in Hauppauge. We have the professional skills and proven legal expertise to assist clients with:

  • Real Estate TransactionsReal estate transactions are complicated. Whether you are buying or selling property in Hauppauge, it is crucial that your best interests are property. Have questions about a residential real estate transaction or a commercial real estate transaction? Contact our Hauppauge attorney today.
  • Estate Planning: Every adult in Hauppauge needs a comprehensive, customized estate plan. We handle all aspects of estate planning, including wills, powers of attorney (POA), trusts, and much more. Have questions about your estate? Contact us today for a confidential consultation with a Hauppauge estate planning lawyer.

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